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The Municipality of Leiria is committed to promoting the economic development of the Municipality, attracting both public and private investment.


Discover some of the projects that will boost the economic and social life of Leiria.

Renovation of the Municipal Market

The Leiria Municipal Market is, for many citizens, a symbol of fresh and local products. It also represents one of the socio-economic and urban references in the city center.

Municipal Market

Rehabilitating the Municipal Market means creating a dynamic and attractive center for those who visit it, which, combined with the growth of the city and the change in consumer habits, and in the circuits and processes of commercialization and distribution of agri-food products, will allow to harmoniously frame it in the current urban and commercial fabric of the city of Leiria.


The contract includes interventions in the current set of buildings of the Municipal Market, with the aim of concentrating all permanent market operators, on the ground floor of the west building, creating conditions on the lower floor for supply operations and public parking aimed at market customers.

The new space will also be equipped with better working conditions for all operators, with the construction of changing areas and new sanitary facilities.

In addition, the area surrounding the west building will also be subject to intervention, with the aim of providing the outdoor space with conditions for the regular sale of fruit and vegetable producers and allowing, at the same time, the enhancement of all facades as a commercial area and the access to the public with mobility difficulties.


The valorization and profitability of the use of the set of buildings that make up the municipal market justified the intervention of the west wing, aiming to provide it with conditions for the installation of a multifunctional space for Startups.

Municipal Market

Municipal Market

The solution adopted will allow independent operation from the ground floor, with vertical communications having been reformulated.


Find out more about the project at https://www.cm-leiria.pt/areas-de-atividade/obras-municipais/requalificacao-do-mercado-municipal.

Leiria Innovation Hub – Dr. Magalhães Pessoa Municipal Stadium

The Municipal Stadium Dr. Magalhães Pessoa, located in the center of Leiria, is a sports complex that hosts various sporting, academic, dance and music events, among others. It emerged with the aim of being the stage for the 2004 European Football Championship, being home, for a long time, to the local football team, União Desportiva de Leiria.


The Leiria Innovation Hub or Leiria Business Center, designed for the North Top of the Stadium, is a space entirely dedicated to TICE (Technology, Information, Communication and Energy) companies, which will seek to respond to investments in the digital area, which are fundamental for the economic dynamics of the region.

Leiria Innovation Hub
Leiria Innovation Hub

One of the priorities is to promote the Leiria region as a place attractive to companies in the technological and the digital fields.


With a total construction area of ​​20,329 m2, the Leiria Innovation Hub will occupy floors 5, 6 and 7 of the west tower and the four floors of the central body, also including floors 0 and 1 of the east tower.

In these areas, conditions will be created for the operation of various activities, namely reception, cafeteria, meeting spaces, auditorium, support facilities, spaces for TICE companies, event hall, with a restaurant-bar on the roof of the building and a gym in the area to be occupied in the east tower.


These services will be supported by an existing three-storey car park with 400 spaces.

Leiria Innovation Hub

Leiria Innovation Hub – meeting rooms

The interior facade will be in glass frames, controlled by external shading screens that filter and control the light from the south, guaranteeing the total opacity of this facade, whenever necessary, due to the existence of a central electrical control that allows the closing of all the exterior blinds.


Find out more about the project at https://www.cm-leiria.pt/areas-de-atividade/obras-municipais/topo-norte-do-estadio-municipal.

Monte Redondo Business Park

The creation of the Monte Redondo Business Park aims to offer an infrastructured and attractive area with support services for companies, making it a center for productivity, innovation and exports. In addition to the business reception objectives, it is intended to secure the population, create qualified jobs, and encourage the development of cooperation synergies between the various economic ecosystems.


The Monte Redondo Business Park will be located in Monte Redondo and Carreira, and will promote the economic development of the entire municipality. The total area of ​​land to be repaired is 594,668 m2, and 46 lots are planned to be made available, with a total occupied area of ​​333,145 m2, with each lot having an average area of ​​7,240 m2.

Plan of the allotment planned for the Monte Redondo Business Park

Other projects

We also highlight other projects, both public and private initiatives for the economic and social development of the territory.


Investment in the health area proves to be an important factor for the quality of life of a territory, contributing to the attraction and capture of human resources, as well as the development of technological innovations. Inevitably these projects will contribute not only to the socio-economic development of the municipality of Leiria, but also to the Central Region in general.


The investment in the railroad, through the modernization of the West Line, aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the rail system by reducing travel times and responding to passenger demand levels. This investment results in a rail service with electric trains that are more comfortable, safer, faster, more inclusive, frequent and more environmentally friendly.


The investment in the opening of the airport in Leiria is assumed to be decisive for the dynamism of the region and the country. The existence of a regional airport follows a perspective of proximity to other national and international regions, contributing to an increase in competitiveness, which gives Leiria a relevant potential for future economic growth.

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